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Quality Sounds

Behind the astronaut helmet hides Vincent Walter Jacob, a French expatriate who settled down in Los Angeles in August 2010 and formed the Alternative Rock band Yard Of Blondes. When he’s not busy rocking out on the stages of The Troubadour or the Viper Room with his band, Vincent uses his spare time to write more songs, for a movie for example (« Little White Lies 2 » directed by Guillaume Canet, 2019), for other artists also (Make the Girl dance, Synapson, Yodelice, 3 French acclaimed artists) but also for himself.

In 2018, Vincent started experimenting with synths and a new project came to birth.

A first song, « Aurora », was written and produced by Vincent in his home studio in California. He chose to use the moniker Apollo Twenty in reference to one of the lunar missions aborted by NASA, but especially in reference to the conspiracy theory that came out on the Internet a few years ago. Some people claim that the Apollo 20 mission actually went on, that the spaceship landed on the dark side of the moon and that they discovered the remains of an alien civilization.

And in the end, what could be better since the music of Apollo Twenty is envisioned by Vincent as an aerial and lunar reverie...

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